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    What is the best add compay, like popuptraffic.

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    I am assuming you would like an advertising network that serves popup's correct?
    If so here are some recommendations:

    Hope I have helped. If not, elaborate a bit more and I am sure myself or
    another member of the board can be of help. >> Web hosting forum
    I own a webhosting community hosted at
    Thank you DomiNET

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    pop-up traffic might be worth a try - but the likelyhood if it being any value is low.

    Web Hosting is not an impulse buy, it is comes from a need & is then typically well researched.

    The chances of a popup ad catching somebody at the right moment & them just going ahead on that basis is like hitting a bullet with a bullet.

    Of course there may be some branding value in popup ads, but unless you have a significant budget - any branding efforts will just be lost in the sea.

    On the other hand - people don't like popups - it could have a negative impact.
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    Negative impact

    Speaking of negative impact, iVillage is removing almost all of the pop-ups currently running on their network, citing negative advertiser impact as one of the reasons. The other reason being, of course, that everyone hates pop-ups

    Read the article: Web Site iVillage Says Bye-Bye to Most Pop-up Ads

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    If the person is looking for webhosting on the other hand, and the features of the ad appeal to them, then they are likely to try you out...

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