Hello WHT members!

Thank you for taking the time to view my post.

I am currently looking for a company that needs a project leader to develop an idea they are investing in.

These projects can be from a server side script, or a front end web based script. Web development in any shape or form is also an interest of mine. I am very good at organzing a team, and developing a product by using available resources.

My Experience:

Site Director at 3dpcgames.com

I was hired in order to make 3dpcgames.com one of the leading tournament providers for its games. We started off being one of about 30 other gaming sites, and we propelled from the bottom, to the 2nd most popular gaming site. We offered tournaments in two games, Delta Force, and Delta Force 2. I was director of a team of 6 people. These 6 people were with me for the 18 months of the sites existance.

Business Owner

After leaving 3dpc, I started my very own company to start to prepare for college. I successfully created jeoworks LLC, which is a computer resource provider for my tri-cities area. I have been providing computer repair, and computer system building for almost 2 years now. I have since moved into a more web based company, becoming project leader for many new products.

Elementary Computer Technician

I was the technician for a elementary school in my area. I was hired to take care of the teachers computers, and make sure they were working perfectly, and the security features were up to date. I was then hired to install 40 P166's for the use in K-3 grades. I then setup PII's for the higher grades, for educational users. I had to prepare these computers to be used by children, and I had to maintain their existance.

High School Technician

During the school year, the 150 new DELL's were not exactly all acting straight. All connected to a server, and many problems arose. I was asked to trouble shoot the network, with 5 other individuals. We successfully kept the network going smooth for the whole school year.

Site Director

Jeoworks LLC recent invested into a gaming network. COGNetwork.com recieved 33 unique hits throughout its network on the first week of release. By the third week, under my direction, COGN now recieves over 2000 unique hits per day.

Project "ME" Leader

I designed, organized a team, and executed the construction of an Online File Storage program. This program is currently sponsored by a big name company. It sits on a dedicated server with a 2000mbps connection. Due to legal agreements, I cannot disclose any more information. This is one of my most notable projects.

As you can see, I have directed many organized teams in my last few years. I love to have a company hire me to make their idea excel. I feel that with my leadership skills, I can make your companies ideas, a reality. A successful reality at that!

My company website can be found at http://www.jeoworks.com.

I would like to thank you for your time. I posted this request here, because I see alot of talent on these forums. I think that the WHT forums are a great place for all Internet surfers.

I can be reached at 1.616.846.2231. Or by AIM, BlackWorkHorse32. My email is [email protected].

Have a great day!