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    curious and just wondered

    Can you sell or transfer a dedicated server account?

    I have one but am going back to being a reseller and have not closed the dedicated account yet. Just thought I could save someone some $$$ on the set up fee and figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. BUT didn't know if it was allowed either ....... has anybody done this? If I am asking in the wrong place, I apologize.

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    you could advertise it in the offers and requests forum, im sure someone would be willing to take over the monthly payments for it. as long as its a quality server with no serious OS problems. - Fast Professional UK Web Hosting

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    Besides the fact that you need to ask in the right forum, you also need to ask your provider.

    Some providers have no problem with that, other providers (rackshack in particular) do not allow server transfer.


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    Thanks! Sorry I didn't post in the correct forum ...... and yes, I will have to check out the agreement first. Didn't think of that!

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