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    Is there a market for extremely low-resource forum program?


    i am wondering whether anyone feels that there is a market for a threaded message board style forum that specialized in simplicity and ultra-low resource consumption, instead of an emphasis on features and a high degree of customization?

    Any thoughts?


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    like the free phpbb?
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    Thanks! I wasn't aware that phpbb was very lightweight... I'll be sure to benchmark against it, to see if i can substantially improve resource utilization, should i decide to put together the forum.

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    From past experience of developing a forum, I don't think people really care if a forum is resource intensive until it's noticed. Most people using a phpBB is running a small community. Those same folks are probably running on a machine that can handle the load.

    There is just a small part of the forum community that are using a resource intensive forum, but that is just a small perecentage. Mainly because they aren't running on a bare bones bulletin board. They usually add all sorts of hacks that will increase the number of queries than a forum with the basic install.

    In my opinion, building a forum that doesn't consume much resources would mean not including many features. I wouldn't use a bulletin board if it did not let me do a lot with it. . .
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    As far as my knowledge goes, MiniBB is the one...

    1. which is not bloated with features, but has more than enough to run a forum/board.

    2. Its very light weight , doesn't use much of the server resources..thats comparatively speaking

    3. Best of all, its written in php with mysql as the backend...yeah, they do have an option for Pgsql, if my memory is correct.

    You should be using miniBB for benchmarking purposes !

    Good luck

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