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    Someone install PHPManager?

    Just wondering what someone out there would charge to install PHPManager and integrate it with my 2checkout account? Thanx.

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    I would be interested in the same. Running Ensim, so I believe PHP needs to be recompiled etc...

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    (formerly DRAMS)

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    I think you can request an installation only "no customisation" from the phpmanager site for 20$.
    if you need more help email or PM me.
    I don't think the phpmanager support Ensim yet. you can ask about this at phpmanager's forum :

    Take care,

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    what needs to be done specifically on Ensim to get PHPmanager to work?

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    the latest release support ensim now. Log in your member area and download it.

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    Does it support the auto account creation for ensim also?

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    $100 includes 30day ongoing support.

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