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    Softlayer push button OS reload

    I just gotta say, the softlayer push button OS reload is so much fun I am considering clicking it again. I have had a couple servers there since almost the beginning, and while they have had some growing pains (who wouldn't), they just keep adding features. I just got a dual proc quad core Xenon they had on special. They only thing I am worried about is that once they are the only hosting company in the U.S. prices will be probably even higher.

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    I have yet to try the push button OS reload, so I'm glad to see it works well.

    I have however extensively used the rest of their features, including the private network IPMI and remote IPMI reboot / power cycle. They even have a nifty little WAP portal, which I can use to power cycle servers from my phone.

    It's nice to see such innovation in a market that seems pretty cut and dry (you get the box and the bandwidth, and maybe a remote reboot port if you're lucky). Hopefully other providers will follow, and SL will improve their support staff.


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    SL has so many features which are very helpful and cost down writing an email and asking for help.

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    Time is money my friend !

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    I am a big believer in self managed hosting; I don't want any help, control panels, etc. But giving me IPMI (now with KVM not just a text console) and the automated reload for when I want to reload the OS) its taking it to a new level for me. Previously most of my servers were in our private data center. Now that we have so much remote control we are feeling more confident about outsourcing more servers.

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