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    Basic question on Domain names

    Does it matter who I get a domain name through? I mean, my site is going to be on a server which is run by a host, right? (can you tell I'm new at this?) So can the company I get my domain name registered by place advertising on my site? Is there a reason to be picky when choosing who registers your domain name, or should I just go for the cheapest price without regard to company?

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    This would go better in the domain names forum

    But it really doesn't matter who you purchase the domain through as long as you can update your nameservers.

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    Choosing a register isn’t much of a big deal. Cheap is nice, but if your going cheap, go with a big company, such as or From experience with these registers. Their support is adequate to the needs of their customers. I wouldn’t expect a reply from a question within 20 minutes, but why do you need that much support. All you need is to change your namserver and that’s it.

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    Thanks!! I was already planning on "GoDaddy", your suggestion makes me feel even better about it Thanks for the help, sorry for the improper post location =)

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