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    Shopping Cart Developement (Mod Perl + MySQL)

    We are seeking assistance from developper(s), preferably in the Los Angeles area to do a complete re-write of an existing custom shopping cart from a flat file based cart (improved flat file) in perl to a full fledge possibly mod perl/mysql cart.

    The actual shopping cart is being outgrown by the traffic volume at a rapid pace, and we need to find a solution asap. The new system should be "clusterizable" and should be able to handle 40,000 visitors/day and up.

    The existing shopping cart has many features:

    Client side: tell a firend, search tool, manufacturer search, item flagging (new/special etc), shipping calculation, cross selling etc.

    Backend: templates, easy item add/modify/delete, easy category/sub-category/sub-sub/category builder, referrer tool, section header editor etc.

    System admin experience might also be usefull (linux)...

    Please email us with resume/portfolio/rates/terms etc. to get more details.


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    Shoping carts

    you can go in for

    it is the most advanced open source ecommerce site.

    we can do the data migration from flat files to mysql databases. and also customization of oscommerce.

    rates are 10 USD per man hour.

    am a certified Database Adminstrator and programmer with around 8 yrs experience in maintaining Linux based servers.

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    Re: Shoping carts

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by dbaguy
    [B]you can go in for

    Thanks. Although I had looked for open source shopping cart, I did not found this particular one. It seems very promissing. Are you used to setup developpe for this particular software? Where are you located?

    Anyone has good experience with this software? Can it really handle very large traffic? Does its architecture permit for clustering etc? How flexible it is?

    We are still interested in developping the new cart from scratch... but this is definately interresting.

    Looking forward more responses... Thanks again.

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    bangalore, india

    we have worked on it before.

    we are located in bangalore, India.

    do u use any form of messenger like yahoo, msn or ICQ.

    we can discuss further.

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    The nature of this project may make it difficult to work on a "out of the box" solution...

    We would rather explore the possibility of developping the software based on the existing cart with the underlining importance of handling lots of traffic (not clear oscommerce is strong in that). Also, part of the project might require to be in the Los Angeles area.

    Please continue to post if interested.

    Thanks you.

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    u can check the featured sites in the site

    it can handle millions of hits. the code is modular and can be customized.

    checked this link we did the customization of oscommerce for it.

    we can also go in for database replication servers( am strong in that) and can travel if required.

    thanks and have a good day
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    Is "netconcepts" a oscommerce seller or something?

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    Yes it seems...

    Like I said, we need someone local to work on this project... no budget for traveling....

    The nature of the existing shopping cart makes it difficult to use an "out of the box" solution.

    Thanks anyway.

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    Check and the CityShop
    It is a mod perl MYSQL cart and the developer does custom installs and setups. Not sure but I think he lives in Arz. next door to you.

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