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    What's wrong with Javascript's getMonth()?

    Hi all,

    My client just alerted me of a date mistake. For some reason, getMonth() always displays the month before. Is this a bug or has it always been like this? Try the following code:


    <script language="JavaScript">

    function testdate()
    var testx;

    now = new Date();

    testx = now.getMonth();
    testy = "hello";





    <body onLoad="testdate();">



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    This follows the Java convention - months will be 0 through 11

    public int getMonth()

    Note: getMonth() is deprecated. As of JDK version 1.1, replaced by Calendar.get(Calendar.MONTH).

    Returns the month represented by this date. The value returned is between 0 and 11, with the value 0 representing January.

    the month represented by this date.
    See Also:

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    Ahh.. I forgot about that whole date thing starting at 0. I've made the same mistake before in my scripts. By the way, do you happen to know of a way to check if all strings are uppercase or lowercase in Javascript? I've been searching all over the place, but found nothing so far. Thanks.

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    You can try to convert the String to all upper/lower case, and then compare to see if that new string is equal to the old string (if so, then it was already in all upper/lower case).

    I am only a java programmer, so I only know Java's String class can convert to upper/lower case. You can either check to see if javascript has such a function, or use the Java version via liveconnect.


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