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    Flash Designer Needed

    We are in need of a Flash designer to help with design of business presentations. We are looking at building several presentation templates for a client using Flash for use on business card sized CD's. The presentation will give a brief overview of the Internet & growth, and then lead into an overview of business possibilities with our client. This person must have artistic creativity, as well as technical presence, and know how to keep the presentations interesting to the viewer. Templates must be delivered in uncompiled fla format as we will be changing the template to match the personal contact information for the clients individual customers. Compensation is negotiable, however, we would prefer to pay you per CD sold. The purpose of this is two fold. One, it cuts initial costs, and two, it gives the developer incentive to create a product that will sell, and also add further templates to increase the customer choices and sell more presentations.

    For more information, please contact me at [email protected]

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    Sounds like a good deal, we hope to work with you

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