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    PHP Safe mode questions

    We are looking at having a new shopping cart system installed for our site and they are saying that safe mode must be turned off in order to install this cart:

    Here is their answer from their FAQ:

    Is it possible to run THIS Cart with "safe_mode" PHP configuration variable turned on?

    The "safe_mode" PHP switch disables several important PHP commands, including input/output functions and file upload support. This makes it virtually impossible to run a complex e-commerce software like THIS Cart. Our shopping cart software needs input/output functions in order to read the template files, needs file upload functions in order to handle product image uploads. By default, "safe_mode" is turned off on all PHP installations. THIS Cart is compatible with all default PHP configurations and most of non-default PHP configurations

    Does this seem like this would cause any problems at all? We do have other sites on the server including another important site that was designed in PHP/MYSQL could you see any problems with this.

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    I don't see any problems, and you can turn on / off safe mode per virtualhost. Just add the following to the virtualhost section.

    php_admin_value safe_mode On
    Or to turn it off for this specific chost:

    php_admin_value safe_mode On

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    Their statement isnt exactly accurate anyway. It is very possible to write good PHP to do the things they list even on a server with safe mode on.


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