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    im not sire if this is the rite forum or not but here goes.....
    you see im thinking of setting up a web hosting forum like WHT for both paid and free hosting but im not sure on what i should use.....
    i can really only see 2 choices either a phpbb or a vbulletin
    i would really like to use a vbulliten as i think they are much more profesional than phpbb BUT whenever somebody mentions a VBulliten some one else always mentions that they will be used for warez purposes
    i av never really understood how thats so...
    so is it safe to use a vbulliten or should i go for a phpbb?!


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    vBulletin doesn't make warez easier. I think maybe someone may have mentioned that many vB forums are illegal copies and that is where the mention of warez came into play.

    Either board you mentioned would be fine.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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