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    dnclub any good?

    Im about to sign up with dnclub for their executive reseller account, but would like to make sure they're the right people to deal with...anyone had any past experience with them and would you recommend them?

    I guess its not much of a big deal since its on eNom reseller.... but how is their support ?
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    I just had a nice chat with David -- one of the partners at DNClub. I dialed their 800-number and he answered. It was not an answering machine or voicemail. Right out of the gate that was a good sign, I thought! How many threads have we seen in these forums wherein people complain that so-and-so can't be reached by telephone. These guys certainly can -- for now, anyway.

    It's a small company -- a partnership or limited partnership -- in the Los Angeles area. The company started under its current name around the first of the year, he said.

    He was candid and helpful and sincerely seemed interested in doing business ethically and responsibly. Obviously it's impossible to know if any relatively new player like DNClub will still be around a year or two from now. But David seemed to think the idea of them not being around for the long-haul -- or the idea of them raising their prices (other than to accommodate a price increase from eNom, of course) -- was a preposterous notion. Yes, of course, we've heard that before. But David seemed quite sincere. I got a good vibe, for what that's worth.

    He said they never take more than a day to respond to support emails and that usually they respond within a few hours at most -- sometimes just minutes if things are slow. And that's logical and reasonable.

    I challenged him about how low his Executive pricing is, pointing out how many times we've seen companies price themselves too low and then a year later they're swamped with customers whom they can't hire enough people to support because there's not enough profit and they're relying too much on volume rather than margin. He said that, interestingly, they were getting a good mix of customers for all three of their plans. And certainly, he said, their other two plans were profitable enough to help ensure the company's long-term survival even if the Executive plan weren't. And, for the record, he felt the Executive plan was sufficiently profitable given their business plan, regardless.

    Plus, let's face it... all they're doing is setting-up reseller sub-accounts beneath their reseller account -- just like any eNom reseller who signs-up reseller accounts does. And we all know that once you're logged-in to eNom and using its system -- no matter how you got there -- everything runs pretty darned smoothly. That's not to say that one would never need DNClub tech support. But either DNClub or eNom can answer any tech support questions, and even if DNClub became unresponsive because it was swamped with tech support emails eNom will always answer any reseller tech support question even if it's from a reseller sub-account holder. Direct eNom support is always available to any eNom customer, no matter what kind of eNom customer it is or how directly or indirectly said customer got there.

    It's early, of course. But the company certainly seems fine at first blush. Time will tell, obviously, but there are no red flags to speak of that I could see. For what that's worth.
    Gregg L. DesElms

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