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    Howto config MRTG so it doesn't log on certain moments??

    I would like to know if it is possible with mrtg to not log the data on certain moments. This because every day There is made a backup of the server and the transfer of the backup goes with 8 Mbit/sec.

    Though I normally only use 100-200 kbit /sec so my mrtg stats aren't very useful (all i see is the peak of the backup transfer). Is there a way to avoid this? Without using anothger nic to transfer the backup.

    A alternative to mrtg is also welcome,
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    In mrtg.cfg, if you set the MaxBytes to whatever your normal peaks are, say a little higher (500kbps), it will tell mrtg to ignore any data higher than that. Then you won't have those huge peaks, they will be "chopped" off at your MaxBytes setting.

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    Thanx I'll try that

    Damn and I overlooked the manual 5 times,

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