Master Sites has hosted fast and reliable sites for 4 years on Cobalt Raqs. Now we have purchased a new Intel 1.3 GHZ server with Ensim.

For a limited time only we will be running this promotion to fill up our first server and help "kick-start" our venture into Pentium / Ensim run servers.

Here is a link with all of the information:

- 1000 MBs web space
- 30 GBs Monthly data transfer
- 500 user accounts
- FTP Access
- Web-based File Manager
- CGI, SSI, PHP, 1 MySQL database + phpmyadmin
- Unlimited Subdomains
- Majordomo Mailing List
- Tomcat Engine
- SSH Access
- And much more!

$19.95 / month with no setup fees.

If you need less bandwidth or space, we can offer custom web hosting plans as well with the same features for less.

You can use our contact form to email or call us. Feel free to also post any comments or questions here.