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    Auto Account creation idea.

    I see a lot of hosts don't use the auto account creation feature. Im guessing because of fruadulent cards and what not. Well what if you did the auto account creation but, instead of carding the cards review the account for any suspicious info. If the account clears than set up then start billing. I don't know how many of you do this but its just an idea i had.

    Thanks for reading. - dbbrock1

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    I personally prefer the human intervention we have on accounts. 99% of our online setup is automated: Billing through 2Checkout, hosting emails sent at sale, sales staff can setup an account by entering a server ID and pressing one button. The 10 seconds of human review in our account setup process is there to prevent simple things such as double orders, obvious (to humans) fraud, etc.. May as well get your money's worth out of the people who work for you



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