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    Thumbs up StoreSense Customers -- Free to a good home

    Our hosting company has offered Kurant StoreSense for the past 2 years. Recently, we have stopped accepting new StoreSense customers as we are phasing out this end of our business.

    We have 10 StoreSense customers left. They are free to a good home. We do not seek any compensation for them. We simply want them to go to a host that is responsible and will handle their accounts professionally.

    Our StoreSense version is v4.1.2.225

    Currently, we have

    8 StoreSense Standard Accounts
    2 StoreSense Professional Accounts

    We also have 1 supplier connect module sold to one of the Professional accounts.

    We charge the following to our customers. Your StoreSense fees should be similar -- We don't want them to have a large price increase.

    Standard Accounts -- $49.99 Month (Kurant charges us $30.00 Month)
    Professional Accounts -- $109.99 Month (Kurant charges us $80.00 Month)

    With these 10 accounts, we gross around $620 month. Our payments to Kurant are about $400 month.

    If you are interested in taking over these accounts, email me at [email protected] .

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    im assuming these are dedicated servers or something along those lines?
    Read the posts people, no more blanket answers.

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    The StoreSense software is on a ded server. We had thought about letting the entire thing go as a package. However, StoreSense makes it easy to transfer a StoreSense account from server to server by backing up the site within a .jar file.

    Thus, each customer site can be backed up (Already done) and transferred to the new owner. We are hoping to hear from companies who already operate Kurant StoreSense.

    However, if not, we will consider letting the whole server go. This would actually be better for the customers as their dns could remain the same.

    The server is a dedicated Cobalt 4 RaQi, hosted with DialtoneInternet. We also host about 30 non-StoreSense accounts on this server.

    We pay $300 month for the server and this includes 65 gigs of traffic. We have never even come close to exceeding the 65 gigs (Average Method) of traffic.

    I have already spoken to Dialtone and transferring ownership of the dedicated server would not be a problem. If we go this route, we will keep the non-StoreSense customers and move them to our other servers.

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