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    Multi-Purpose Design Template

    Me and my partner are starting a design firm, FreeScape. Our domain, will be up very soon. In the mean time, we are looking for some clients to buy customized templates.

    Our first template is available now. We are looking at $150-$200. We feel it is very professional and high tech.

    If you decide to buy this template, we would customize it to your name and links, and make the first page of your site for you. We will take the template off the market as soon as we sell it. Hurry and get it today! It can be used as a hosting site, a personal site, whatever you please!

    The content box is much smaller than it will be in the final design...It was an error on our side.

    We are only accepting PayPal until we can get a fund large enough to process our own credit cards.

    (If this design is going to be used for hosting, we can create extra buttons and pictures for your hosting packages.)

    Thank You,
    Adam F.
    Thomas B.
    Free-Scape Designs

    Less grundgy. More professional. Asking for $200. We spent 4 days on this design. Please dont insult it, only reply if you are interested in it.
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    So you have 2 accounts? Anyways, I'm going to say the exact same thing I said in your other post:

    Its very grungy, more of an artistic abstract look. I would say its not the best choice for a hosting company, since hosting companies usually have to have a clean professional apperance. This one is quite messy and wild. I can't seem to see much high-tech look in this.

    IMO, quite amateurish, the template would make a better portfolio design, or something of that sort.
    Just my opinion, keep working at it.

    BTW, how old are you? Looks like the work of a young one to me.
    Especially the part when you said: " We are only accepting PayPal until we can get a fund large enough to process our own credit cards ". 2Checkout is only $50 startup, I'm guessing you can't get that money until you sell something?

    Anyways, good attempt. I don't think it will sell, but I hope you prove me wrong.

    *Also, Damn, are you kidding me ? $150 - 200 ? Are you kidding me ? Seriously, the reputation of your company is going down the drain.

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    I agree its a nice design but the content area isn't that big for what most webhosting sites use. You would need lik 500 pages to put all of your information online

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    I said we were looking at that. I didn't set a price.

    I agree the content area is small. I will edit the post.

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    man, thats good for a personal site, but its horrible for a host's site unless their a personal site that hosts friends...
    Read the posts people, no more blanket answers.

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    am I in the Website Reviews Forum??

    I dont think so.....Why cant you let this guy sell his products in peace.....Whether you like it or not does not matter, this is a subjective art, and there may be some people that really love it and think it is worth more.....or there may be some that hate it and think it is worth nothing.....

    If you go in threads and insult someones prices and products you are only losing respect for yourself and your business....

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    Thank God for Team 21.

    I believe my design is very sellable and worth all the value.

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    Ok, Under re-evaluation of the asking price, we are now asking $100. Anyone interested?

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    lol. thankgod for eepgfx
    Read the posts people, no more blanket answers.

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    I edited the original post. Added a template for sale. Less grundge, more professional.

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