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    Seeking Web Hosting Experience

    Hello! I am an eighteen year old college student majoring in computer science field looking for a way to break into web hosting. With the computer industry being one big catch 22 (How can you gain experience if everywhere requires experience to get in?) I have decided to make a request here.

    I consider myself to be a rather competent individual, especially in the way of computers. I currently work for my school district's technology department and am a supervisor of two other student employees. In doing so, I have gained management experience and have had a chance to work with networking, technical support for others, hardware installation, software installation, and much more. I have also had extensive work in Perl, HTML, and many other areas of the web. I am a hard working individual who is able to learn quickly through doing.

    What I am asking for is that a web host allow me to gain some experience with them. I need a way to learn how to do things in the web hosting industry, and don't have the money to go out and buy my own server or run my own reseller company. If you or your company would be willing to give me valuable experience in the area, please feel free to contact me via PM or through any method listed below. Also realize that you would be getting free work. Nothing wrong with that

    Email: [email protected]
    AIM s/n: atomaka
    ICQ UIN: 12534325

    Thank you for your time!

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    Woah, nice ICQ number ! Lucky you!

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    Read the posts people, no more blanket answers.

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