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    i agree, website is very important because its a first representative of any organisation. In today's world, before buying products or services customers are visiting to company's website.

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    There is no point in designing a webpage with lots of links & graphics. It is important to have quality content. The webpage should be attractive in appearance as well as in sequence. The page should be informative and precise. It is like the face of your product, you are trying to endorse.

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    A good web design provides a strong presentation of your online business. It is vital for online business. Good website ensures good business.

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    To put it in the simplest terms, the internet is where most of your customers are searching for you.. If you are searching for a person to do business with, then you meet with him for the first time and he is wearing jeans with holes in it and a tang top with grease stains, would his style matter to you??? First impressions can only be made once.

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    It's not necessarily the design itself alone.

    People buy from a website based on how professional/corporate the design looks.

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    Yeah subliminally on a daily basis we land on websites and click straight out as we dislike them, but we never really question as to why we do that. Once you question yourself each time that happens you will soon become wise at website building

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    A good web design always draw attention of user and help to promote a website.

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    Great Guide! theres a few things you should add like no downtime and fast loading times

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    A very useful article indeed, the 'no downtime' point is a good one too, as is not overloading pages with non-needed scripts.

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    Website Design

    A website can turn customers into clients. You would be surprised by top ranking websites and many medium ranked websites that think a website look is timeless. A lot of website design are outdated and poeple must realize changes are required to have better conversions.

    A lot of people will say that there site is converting well, but what they do not realize is they can convert sales that much more why would you not.
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    Good website design leave positive impression of about your site, and its Provide a well-built management of your online business.So i think its need to every website developers.

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    Why is it important??

    Because it's your first impression to a probable client.
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    A solid design is not only there to be visually pleasing but ensure users have an easy time navigating your site. One of my favorite things to do actually is look at bad designs on sites, they're good for a nice chuckle and they serve as valuable lessons.

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    Design should like that it describes the actual purpose of company rather then pretty graphics. Offers should look eye catching so viewers have no other choice else then reading them.

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    it is true a website design must be eye catchy and should give a feel when someone looks at first time.. This can also helps you getting more visits.

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