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    Silly Question Here..

    Im a newbie and have a simple question..

    Some say, I should not reg a new domain name thru a Web Hosting company, Some say they will own the name, should I decide to cancel or not renew after a certain point.

    Should I go thru a place like cheap names or Go Daddy first, get the name, then transfer it over?

    If so, I read somewhere on there, you can not transfer a new domain name within 60 days..Is this correct?

    Im very confused and need advice, I just wish to start a personal website, and not sure the correct way to start this.

    I am very interested in ICDSoft as I have read some excellent reviews.

    Any one can assist here?

    Thanks in advance..


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    Buy your own domain. Make sure your information is in all of the right places, and make sure you have administrative control of it, so in case your web host pulls a CW, you can move it elsewhere.

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    You can register your domain name anywhere you like. You don't ever have to transfer it (the domain) to your hosting company. All you'll need to do is add their nameservers to your account at your registrar. No transfer needed at all.

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    It's OK to purchase your domain from your hosting company, but make sure you have full access to the Domain Management control panel at the actual domain registrar to maintain full control/ownership of your domain.

    If your hosting company is including domain registration with your web hosting service, sometimes he'll keep full control of your name, and sometimes he'll charge a premium for domain registration.

    Just keep your eyes open going in, and if things sound like they will not be in your best interest, register your domain yourself.

    myOstrich Internet - OpenSRS Domain Names & Digital Certificates

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    thanks all...

    you guys and quick, im sure Ill bug you all more in the future..

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