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    lookout for this customer..

    Melissa Kornowski

    she owns these domains:

    I gave her huge amounts of space on my server at a very low rate. Lets say about 12 gigs and over 100 gigs of bandwidth reseller account for $75 a month.

    She was buying two reseller accounts from me. She would complain to me everyday about how she couldn't sell any accounts.

    After about a week she said she was broke and wanted her money back. I refunded one of her paypal payments. I tried to refund the other payment and paypal didn't clear it. She created some fraud/complaint ticket against me with paypal. I had to send her a brand new payment to clear it.

    Before the complaint to paypal She came back and begged me for a deal for $75 a month and to recieve a money order. Being the nice person I am I said ok. I told her she had a week to send it.

    Before that week is over she is already complaining again about how she cannot sell space. How she is loosing all her sales because she does not have a Cpanel reseller option. I told her I could sell her a reseller option however it will cost her more. Because cpanel is more expensive (duh). She continued to complain and then she goes on this site and asks for a insane offer for the same ensim deal for cpanel offer. Everyone kindly laughed about it.

    Now a week has past and still no payment. So this is my warning to everyone in the hosting industry. Doing business with this reseller is not worth it.
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    thanks for the tip john.
    neil MCITP, VCP

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    I would tell her to take a hike, she's obviously not worth keeping around if she's going to complain about her problems and file complaints.

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    "Well I'm not paying you because my daffodils are facing southwards...go away now"

    Everyone should just steer clear of her - sheesh.
    It's coming... ^_^!

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    their name on wht wouldnt happen to be cubbycomm, would it?

    slow sunday for me, and im bored..

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