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    In need of a template

    I am looking for someone who would be willing to create and donate a template for a non profit christian group. They are basically in need of a single page template design that can be modified by them for additional pages and a header/logo design.

    If anyone is willing to help this organization out with their needs please contact me via pm with your email address so I can fill you in on the other specifics.

    Thank you for your time.
    Brian P.
    Digital X Web[TM], LLC

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    Have you checked out any of the free or low-cost template sites? Below is a list for you.
    Free web site templates from JimWORLD
    Template monster
    template site
    Sticky Sauce
    Dollar Templates

    There are several others. Try a google search and you'll get several links. Some are worth researching others will only have one or two. Good luck.
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    Thank you for the links, I will forward them to the appropriate persons and see if they can find any they like. They would still need some sort of header/logo graphic though.

    Thanks again
    Brian P.
    Digital X Web[TM], LLC

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