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    * Loaded Raq550 1.26ghz CPU, 1gig RAM, (2) 80 GB Drives $199/mo - Home of the $79 Dedicated Cobalt Raq Server

    Due to the numerous requests we have received for our New Raq550 Servers. We are offering a FORUM Pre-order Promotion. A limited number of our LOADED Raq550 Servers are due to arrive in the datacenter anyday and we are making them available on a 1st. reserved - 1st. online Basis. Don't miss out!

    Like all the Cobalt Raq servers we offer, the Raq550 will be packed with RAM, include Huge Hard Drives and plenty of MultiHomed transfer.
    (BGP Cogent/Epik). Raq550 Configuration

    Newest Cobalt Raq550 Server
    1.26Ghz Pentium III CPU
    1.00 GB of 133Mhz SDRAM
    Two 80GB Hard Drives
    300gb of Monthly Transfer
    $199 per month.
    (Others are charging $325 or more for this same Raq550 config)

    Click here to Reserve Your New Raq550 Today !!!

    We also have a few of the $79/mo Raq servers remaining.

    These include:
    300Mhz AMD CPU
    512 MB of PC100 SDRAM (Maximum supported by the server)
    20 GB Hard Drive
    300 GB of Monthly Transfer
    $79 per month. (Others are charging as much as $200 or more for this same server config)

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    how much is for more RAM ?
    whats the max RAM ?
    is there a setup fee ?

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    The website indicates a $299.00 setup fee.

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