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    I'm Confused about PHPManager

    Ok a few questions on that. With the WHM module that comes with PHPmanager would the client log into the php manager instead of cpanel to edit their sites? If it doesn't What is the point of having the Client login for PHPManager? And don't you think it would confused the customers to have to log into 2 different things?

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    I am pretty sure that the PHPManager is for the billing only.
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    The PHPManager client login is for clients of yours to check their invoices/billing statements.

    Afterall, PHPManager is for customer billing management, it's not a website control panel.

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    You can integrate PhpManager with cpanel, so that clients can login once and see both their billing information, submit support queries and access the various parts of Cpanel.
    All you would have to do is edit the client template to include the Cpanel features.
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    Thanks for the help guys!

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    ensim support *supposedly* coming soon.
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    The CPanel features in phpManager is only a convenience for the clients without having to login into their CPanel again once they are in the phpManager(HELPDESK-CLIENT LOGIN) that you can provide on your web site for your clients or advise them the link in your "New Account Setup" email (Killing 2 birds with one stone), besides automatic setting up of accounts in WHM via phpManager and having records of your clients in your own database for future automatic reference, contact, advice, mailing list, billing, support ticket, etc., everything done in phpManager and you don't need to open up your seperate emails programs/record books to do that.

    In fact, if you don't require the CPanel features in phpManager, you can edit and delete it in the phpManager/clients/main.php and only use the "Account Details" and "HelpDesk- Support Ticket" besides adding some others features to it if you like as most of the files can be edited and customize to suit your needs.

    Earlier versions 1.0 can intergrate with Paypal and what I understand the latest version 1.1.1 has better features where your can intergrate with 2checkout and some others. Using phpManager is limitless as it is just using php scripts(most of it) and anyone having knowledge of PHP can customize it or improve on it to suit whatever their needs.
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