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    Cool Getting a backup server.......


    I'm exploring the option of getting a separate server to use as a backup.

    I want to rsync the files from my main server(s) everynight over to the backup. I read on rsync's website that rsync uses a lot of memory? (At least the older version did..) I have 2.4.6....

    My question is what kind of specs do I need for a backup server? (Processor, RAM, Bandwidth, Space, OS, etc.)

    I'd like to spend $50 or less if possible (is this reasonable to get a machine with do-able specs?) Where is a good place to get the server?

    Should I partner with somebody to get this server? What kind of terms should we have?

    I read that ideally, having the backup server in a separate data center is better. However, having it in the same data center means I don't have to waste bandwidth transferring files right? Also, transfer speeds will be much quicker?

    Anyways, thanks for reading. Any suggestions/tips are welcome and appreciated.


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    What i did was give the ded. server company 300 for a 450 with no bandwidth and it shares bandwidth with all the other servers. It really does use any bandwidth, just in-side network bandwidth and if your datacenter charges you for that then it ripping you off.

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    That's a good method. They shouldn't charge you for in-network bandwidth. This only applies if you're not looking for a backup in a different location.

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    Really, Specs donít have to be huge for a backup server. its only used once a night. Donít go out and order a server with a 1ghz proscor and 1gig of ram, (although, if you had them money and didnít know were to spend it, why not drop it here ). You wont need anything more then 500mhz +, 128mb-256mb RAM and a HD big enough to back up your current server and maybe a future one.

    Their are a few places were you can do this, build your own server to run dedicated, but unluckily for you, I cant remember them .

    I think the best suggestion would be to:

    A) Get a server in the same company, so you wont need to pay for bandwidth, as you are just transfer between 2 servers that may be 20 feet away.
    B) Build your own server and get it hosted. (you will be paying for alot of bandwidth if you update every night.)
    C) Have 1 extra HD added to your ded and have a Cron job update it nightly. Thatís probable the cheaper solution, But if your server goes down, you will have down time. With the other suggestions, if you set your DNS right, you will always be up.
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    Any other suggestions or did Chris hit the nail on the head?

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