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    Is there a "basic minimum" I should look for in a host?

    I posted to the request forums not long ago looking for a new hosting plan. I had to do that because I wanted a simple domain pointer from my host and they said that their servers couldn't do it right so I might be better off looking elsewhere. I was kinda surprised by that statement.

    Well, I put in the Request Forum what I was getting currently from the host (basically 50MG and 1.5 G transfer with basic bells and whistles) for $20/year.

    I had quite a few offers. Some look really good too! But turns out that all of them are under a year old. How much should this concern me? I know that even the most successful, longest running hosting companies were all under a year old in the beginning (DUH!) But should I be scared of the younger ones?

    Does asking for something at a yearly rate of around $20-$30 per year only get quotes from young hosts? If that is true, if my chosen host goes the distance, will my rated end up increasing?

    So.... Is there a basic minimum of years I should look for in a host, and am I being unrealistic in looking for a GOOD host for that price?


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    Have you considered going for a lower contract (like monthly)? If you find a host you like you should do a background search on them (on, google, etc) and find out what their current customers think about them. As for their age, I would look for a host that is at least 3 - 6 months old so you can be sure there will be reviews on them.

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