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    Arrow REALLY Professional Looking Hosting Template For Sale

    The resized preview of the template is attached


    - You will get the source files in PSD (Photoshop format) for the logo and template, the fonts and etc required.
    - The logo FREE. It is included in this template.
    - You will get the HTMLs (Main page & Sub page).
    - There will be no additional charges for minor customizations (Color scheme, text, etc).
    - This template WONT be resold, it is unique to your company.


    Buy Out Price: $150 (template + logo)

    PM me if you are interested.

    Thank you.
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    You might what to make the template preview bigger.

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    Yes, bigger please. It still looks very good, but I think you'll have a better chance at attracting more buyers if you increase the size.

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    Nice job. Yah when it is small it doesnt look as good as Im sure it would bigger.

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    amazing template excellent job
    VibeHost, A DensityHost Company
    Under NEW Ownership
    Quality, Affordable Reseller Hosting

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    Very nice template.... but ... uh ... crystal plan? I know it can be changed but that kinda struck me as odd, crystal can be a variety of things, including cheap things like sugar, try like "Diamond" or "Ruby" or something spifalicious like that .

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    Looks good but the size is too small to see it well. Just make it bigger with those copyright labels and noone will steal it. You did make it small because you're worried about someone stealing it, correct?

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