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Thread: VO vs Voxtreme

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    VO vs Voxtreme

    VO vs Voxtreme

    VO pro.
    they charge you per you dont have to pay upfront...nothing to lose.

    VO con.
    they have price they have a set have to sell above that price to make any profits.

    Voxtreme pro.
    monthly fees, but you can split it into as many accounts as you want. so you can make more profits.

    can somebody give me some opinion on this? and which option is better?

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    Choosing a host goes beyond the cost factor, you should also consider reliability and after-sales support.

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    even the price maybe same for some more people like but its down as i'm writing this. so join them if u want to play with

    about VO i dunno. Voxtreme Reliable and GREAT sales support

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    According to the VO boards

    bulk reseller plans will be offered soon. Possibly next month sometime. If possible, you may want to wait to see what they offer and compare packages.

    I've had accounts at VO and highly recommend them. I've only visited the boards at Voxtreme, but they seem to provide top notch support and their customers seem to be very happy with the service. So, both seem to be a good choice.

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    ok thanks all,

    Im quite happy with venturesonline, there support is good, fast,
    so i have no doubt about their service, similar with voxtreme, I havent came across a negative post about them yet.

    maybe i'll go VO for startup then switch to vox later when i get customers.

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    I would go with Voxtreme, the owner did some webdesign work for me a long time ago - very reputable!

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    go with VO. voxtreme seems to be just starting out and VO seems to be around for longer.

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    Hmm, not sure about just starting out - we've been around for coming up to 8 months in August - which seems to be quite some time in this industry

    @edude - shhh - you're not supposed to tell anyone and it was a long time ago
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    I am with Ventures Online, and it is a very good company. Excellent support, uptime, quality, etc. Can't go wrong.

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    You're asking about the differences in profitability in one selling model versus the other. But the differences are what, less than $20 a month? I think you're not looking at the more important decision, which is which provider will help your business develop. While $20/month may or may not be a significant amount to your business plan, make sure you're making your decisions based on the companies as well, rather than just on a couple of bucks a month.

    That being said, I'm personally biased towards Voxtreme in that they continue to meet my needs: fast servers, speedy and helpful support, keeping me informed about outages and downtimes, etc. Never been with VO so can't say anything about them. But I think judging your provider (a major part of a reseller business) on these factors is far more important than a couple of dollars a month.

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