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    a good ipchains tutorial for begginers

    Hi i have been searching google for about an hour now and am struggling to find a tutorial about ipchains for complete newbies

    i have looked at many, and they seem to rely on that fact that you know the basics of ipchains

    so if you know any could you please give me a link, or if you have learned them from a book, then i would also like to know which one



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    Your first port of call should be the Linux Manuals.

    At your console, type "man ipchains". This will bring up a list of options for ipchains, etc. is a fantastic reference site and contains documentation on most things you might want to do with your Linux system.

    I suggest you check out the IPChains howto at which starts at an introduction (basics) and goes right through to real life examples.

    I must point out that IPChains is becoming obsolete. Most installations are starting to head more towards iptables. Most current Linux distributions include both, but there is a good chance that IPchains will be dropped in upcoming releases.

    Shaun Ewing

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