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    New layout! need some opinions!

    What do you guys think? good bad? Any feed back is wanted! thx!!! EDIT* you need to copy the URL and paste...or it wont work......running out of image places....

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    Looks good, but I don't like the text you used for "Welcome to..."

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    I agree, but it looks ok i guess

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    I would divide the links a bit. With the way they look now, they are more difficult to distinguise. Maybe stick a vertical line between them?

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    it looks clean and interesting. someone said something about the welcome to... and i agree. it seems too stretch for my taste. the text used for the navigation could be separated a bit to make it look more like they are links. i almost thought that it was some subtitle until i actually read it. out of the whole design, i feel that the links are the ones holding back the look and feel.

    the horizontal lines above the links is something that can be worked on. i say remove it or replace it. it kinda doesn't go with the whole design as well.

    the image of the vehicle is very interesting. i like how it shows that motion look to it. very nice tough. only thing, why does the tire look cut on the bottom? the far left one. i also almost want to see more images that you have to offer at the bottom. may be remove those links and put it where the horizontal lines are and put more images like the box one. at the same time create a new thing to replace the lines.

    overall, very good and interesting. i like where you are going with it. can't wait to see the final product.

    i hope that helped. good luck.

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    Nice design... I dunno bout that bike though... its fuzzy, It dont look too good man

    Other than that, tis good

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    Ok i changed what you guys didnt like, still dont know what to do with those "lines" but heres what i came up with.

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