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    Looking For: Manager/Work Finder for designer/design group

    Hi, I'm looking for a manager or a work finder who can find work for myself or my small design group (3 of us in total, if their interested). We can work out a deal for a certain percentage % on each project found. Any type of work, from logo, banner, to full site design we are capable of.
    Must be trustworthy, and honest. Most transactions probably through paypal.

    If your interested in managing me/us, PM me details on why you would be good, where you can find clients, etc and give us your email. If we think your qualified, we'll email you with our porftolio's / credentials , resume's etc.


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    Hey eep,

    I am sorry that I am not replying to offer my skills, but I was wondering if you had checked out yet?

    I haven't signed up before, but I've seen companies on there who've made over 100K american in less than 6 months!

    Let me know if you have tried this or are willing too, I would like to know myself!

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    can't say I've tried elance, looks like tough competition. I'll check out your site phpcoder

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