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    Hello Everyone – I just wanted to tell all of you guys at WHT that I recently created a new domain and had it hosted at and the entire experience has been great. From superfast server speeds and swift signups, to great support, the entire hosting deal has been excellent. I had the domain created and was searching around for a host when I noticed some talk about here on WHT. I decided to host my site there and filled out the form to set it up. Well, I knew that most web hosts usually take a few days to setup. So, I went upstairs, ate some pizza, and when I returned, I was very surprised to see that my account was already up and running. I quickly dove into the many features of the Ensim control panel (I was before stuck with Plesk) and was amazed at all of the things I could do. I did have a slight problem with accessing FTP. (Though it turned out to be my error). I submitted a support ticket to G-hosting and within an hour or so, I received a reply telling me what I was doing wrong.
    All in all, my hosting experience with G-hosting has been first class all the way through. I highly suggest their hosting service to each of you WHT’ers.
    Happy with a Reliable Host,
    Andrew H.
    P.S. – Their prices are one of the best parts. You pay a low price (as low as 2.50 a month) and get superb support, service, and features in return. You can’t ask for much more than that!

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    Only way to pay is with paypal though. Not that I don't like paypal, but I like having other options.

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    I'm glad that you have good things to say about them. By any chance would you mind providing your URL?

    BTW: This post would have better served in the "Web Hosting Forum."

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    Actually no, I just got an email from andrew showing me this review. Also the only way to pay is not paypal. We have a 2checkout account which will be available with our new launch. We also accept cash, check, money order. Feel free to contact me in regards to this.
    Patrick Schrader

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