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    Cron Job - Help please ?

    Could anyone teach me how to create my own cron job please ...

    I need the cron job to backup my site's data and mysql database on a daily basis at say .... 6 am - need information for 2 scenarios

    (a) To get the cron job to email the backups to me at 6am daily - I understand that I will need to have a large enough mailbox to accomodate the backups - my site is only about 1MB big and the mysql is pushing 1MB so I am sure that it will not give me any problems with a 10MB mailbox.

    (b) To get the cron job to ftp the backups to another ftp server.

    any suggestions ?

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    i have seen a number of mysql backup scripts posted on this site. I would recommend doing a search as i just asked a similar question a couple weeks ago....with a little different twist....and had some excellent examples posted.
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    Found this page that may be of some help:

    It shows how to backup a MySQL database using a bash script or cgi script and also includes emailing it to an address.

    Hope this helps
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    ok... now that's for mySQL backup ... but what about the normal site backups ?

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