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    CPanel Email Help Needed

    in Cpanel,

    one is able to create forwardings for email address but I have a unique situation and was wondering if anyone could possibly help me...

    created 1 email address - [email protected]

    now if I enable forwarding using Cpanel like
    [email protected] forward to [email protected]

    when I sent an email to [email protected] - 2 copies of the email will exist - one in [email protected] mailbox and the other in [email protected] mailbox...

    all good and fine by what if I needed

    [email protected] to be forwarded to [email protected] but I only want [email protected] to received the email, which means that [email protected] mailbox should always be empty and is I guess the term to be used would be an alias of [email protected]

    Any solutions please ?

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    hey .. cool thanks for the information - will be trying it out in the next few minutes...

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    Yeah... it works ...

    thanks again...

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