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    * ONEfusion :: Server Colocation Pre-Launch Special not to be missed! :)

    Greetings and thanks for your time to read this

    ONEfusion will officially be launching its dedicated and colocation services on 1st August 2002 but we are running a prelaunch special to fill up extra rack space from now until 30th July - if you have been looking hard forserver colocation on premium quality bandwidth, look no further!

    Our colocation services are perfect for those who are looking to enter the web hosting industry or upgrade from a reseller account.

    Colocation Prelaunch Special #1
    - No charge for server up to 5Us of rackspace
    - 25GB Actual Bandwidth transfer
    - 32 IPs (Following ARIN Justification)
    - Bandwidth utilisation graphs

    :: $75 Monthly
    :: FREE Setup

    Colocation Prelaunch Special #2
    - No charge for server up to 10Us of rackspace
    - 100GB Actual Bandwidth transfer
    - 64 IPs
    - Bandwidth utilisation graphs

    :: $150 Monthly
    :: FREE Setup


    Additional Services

    CPanel - $70 Monthly (only for licenses in this facility)
    Remote Reboot Port - $10 Monthly $10 One-time setup fee
    Rackspace - $10 Monthly per additional U of rackspace
    IPs - $1 each monthly (Bulk discounts available)

    Additional Bandwidth
    First 25GB prepaid - $3 per GB
    26 - 100GB prepaid - $2 per GB
    101 - 150GB prepaid - $1.50 per GB
    1MBps - $300


    Now onto the facts.. no-nonsense, no bull-****, no-frills, just the facts..

    We are in the new Hurricane Electric Fremont facility. Bandwidth is premium quality BGP routed based on their multiple peering agreements. We buy our rackspace and bandwidth directly from the source and not through any other reseller of theirs. More information regarding the network can be found on our website at

    The backbone is ranked among one of the top in the nation. Connections ranging from OC3s (155Mbps) to gigE (1,000Mbps) connect several major exchange points, (including MAE-West in San Jose, CA; PAIX in Palo Alto, CA; AADS in Chicago, IL; NYIIX in New York, NY; and MAE-East in Vienna, VA) forming rings around the nation. This switched network utilizes the Border Gateway Protocol Version 4 (BGP4) over Cisco 12000 series GSR routers. Router IOS are only upgraded after being stress-tested on a non-critical router, to make sure it is very stable. The switch that your equipment will ultimately be connected to is connected back to a core router via fiber.

    If you would like an IP address to run a couple of network pings/traceroutes, feel free to PM back or email [email protected]

    Once you have shipped your server to us, we will mount it onto the rack and perform the appropriate power/network connections within 24 hours assuming the OS and network has been properly configured. Your server will then be connected directly to a 10/100mbps switch port which leads to the core router, no messy hubs in between to ensure smooth traffic flow.


    Interested parties please write to [email protected] quoting the respective package plan(s) which you are interested in. No commitment, just ask away

    Again, thanks for your time have a great weekend ahead.
    ONEfusion - We're All About Hosting
    WHM/Cpanel Hosting, VDS, colocation
    DarkOrb Partner NOC

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    For existing customers

    Hi ck,

    I am an existing customer on your reseller plan, can i get a discount or upgrade to a dedicated?


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    Yup, existing customers looking to upgrade to a colo or dedicated can get a special discount through contacting [email protected], we will also be launching our budget level dedicated server packages very soon just leave us your contact email and we shall let you know when they are released.

    For those who have enquired, network uptime is 99.9% (so far we have not had a single second of downtime since the buildout had started)
    ONEfusion - We're All About Hosting
    WHM/Cpanel Hosting, VDS, colocation
    DarkOrb Partner NOC

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