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    cyberwings suck or just plain lies?

    I have signed up with cyberwings for about 6 months. everything was just running smooth until this month, which is July.

    i have no idea whats going on with them. I didnt recieved any notices what-so-ever. things was going weird. like my site would go on and off. every 30 mins. or so. . email service wont recieve or recieve errors message or sometime wont login. Bandwidth cut down.

    and now cyberwings are going to go back online. just stupid of them. small little company think they could hold it up.

    just recently, they say their service would be back on by SAT. (the 20th) but guess what!? its not even up yet.

    i dunno... its just piss me off. how they lie and trying to make excuses to all cyberwings customers.

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    you should request a refund, wait two weeks, if you get no refund, file fraud charges against them.

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    Definitelly ask for a refund ASAP ..and move on to any of the reliable hosting companies who can communicate with their customers decently .

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