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    More $6.00 madness..testing! Consulting!

    I'm posting this ad here because these offerings are a bit different than the ones elsewhere.

    Offer #4

    Web site/server testing and security analysis.

    Many of you are concerned about how your website preforms under pressure. I have 27 VPS's currently all over the U.S., Germany and The Netherlands to give you an idea of how the international peering is. VPS's in the U.K., Toyko and Hong Kong are planned shortly.

    $6.00 for the basic battery of tests and basic security analysis.

    More tests spread over several days will cost a little bit more..I'll have to quote each once I have an idea on the scope of the tests. I can help you simulate users for existing servers as well.

    Ever wonder what the load would be if 40 people logged in to download and/or send email? Using Outlook? Using the webmail?
    At the same time? Maybe imap thrown in there too?

    Ever wonder how many page loads your server can handle?

    Ever wonder honestly how much slower your encrypted pages are as well?

    Sign up:

    Offer 5:

    Hosting Consulting.

    I know many of you are not too keen about people giving you advice. $6.00 will get you a basic analysis of the market, the market segments you are trying to reach..and a basic competition overview. I don't know if I'll ever be a host myself..but I certainly can help others in the meantime. If you want help, that is.

    I know it's hard. You think you are right. You have this idea...and you like it.

    The problem is this: Have you spoke to anyone about it? Even a friend? Potential customer?

    I think the biggest mistake people make in this business is this: They are not hosting customers *FIRST*. Or..just as had a account..but not for long.
    You decided...I can do better than this!

    Ah..but will people pay? Do you have a marketing budget? Do you know where the customers are going to come from?

    I have had over 80 hosting accounts with companies all over the world over the last three years. I have seen almost every control panel there is..and can tell you the differences between them.

    There you go..there is a taste. For free.

    Sign up:

    Odd jobs? Something else? Ask! I might do it for $6.00 too.

    PM me with questions/remarks/suggestions or feel free to email me at:
    [email protected]

    I know..I website yet.

    I'll have a website tomorrow. I am still not happy with it ..but..websites are not my thing anyways.

    Never have been..probably never will be.

    I am good with the backend stuff, though. Making things work together is one of the things I do well.

    Databases, for example. I have MySQL 5, 5.1 and 6 installed on Linux and Windows VPS's.
    I really don't feel the need to have them all active at the same time, though. Not yet..

    It would be nice to make a little bit of $ doing things for a change, though.

    Don't know who I am? Do a search under my nick here.

    I am *NOT* a 24/7 operation..although it may seem like I am sometimes. Please understand the low prices do not reflect low quality..but are low to encourage signups and help me start building a reputation doing this as quickly as possible. Turnaround is typically 24 hours..but not in all cases. Quoted prices will remain firm even if the estimated time frame is exceeded.
    However...this does not apply to new changes. If you change your mind becomes a new project.

    All Java-related projects will be tested on Deb 3.1, Fedora 6 or
    something else current. Under no circumstances will I ever attempt to "update" glib on anything ever again. Not way. changes. Decide what you want done..and I'll do it. Period.
    I must ask you to be reasonable...and I will be reasonable in return. Promise.

    Thanks for looking at my ad!

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