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    Instant Messenger System for $299

    We would like to offer our instant messaging system. It's like ICQ, AOL, MSN and etc... If some one interested in such system feel free to contact us for more information. Send your questions to [email protected] We also can do additions to the program for $10/hr .
    For $299 you'll get server part and client part compiled with your logo and place for your banner (if you would like to make banner exchange).

    This is download url to it:

    Valera Vlasyuk team

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    Please let me know more about the product.

    Is there any part of the software resides on your server, or buyer gets the full software and run their own IM service.
    Does the software come with source?
    Do you have a list of features of the product?

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    All software will be on your server. We do not give you source code. If you want to buy it with souce code it will cost you $950

    Valera Vlasyuk team

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    Instant Messenger is updated feel free to download new version

    Valera Vlasyuk team

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