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    DDOS? A five day downtime?

    I'm with a company that is hosted through Pinnacle Cart, and for the past five days we have been offline (with a couple of incredibly short comebacks). We were told that it was due to the fact that Pinnacle Cart has our site on another company's server, and that third party server was under a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack. They told us that on last Thursday as our site was down, and gave the same response this morning. Our site is still down and they have no idea when it will be back up. Is is normal for your host to have you down for 5 going on 6 days? Is this accurate? Obviously we're trying to find out everything we can about changing our host, but please, help find answers. Anything is helpful! Aarg! We're losing money by the minute!!!

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    DDoS, espescially if its' heavy, can bring entire datacenters to its knees, possibly small countries.

    The thing is though, your host technically should have some form of physical access and backups, and secondary servers (IN ANOTHER LOCATION) to load them onto.

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    I don't think its normal to be offline for 5 days, especially if your site could be moved to a server that was not being DDoSed (assuming the bad guys are targetting someone else's site on the server you're hosted on).

    Remember to get your backups (and if you havn't already, you should now know to take them yourself regularly) and get a refund for the time you were down - you're contracted with them to provide service that they're not providing. The reasons are immaterial.
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    What I don't understand is that Pinnacle Cart said that the 3rd party company Peer 1 (that they outsource our website hosting to) was the one with the DDOS. If this is the case how come their site is still up (obviously they must have several servers?)?

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    Most hosts that are worth anything can limit the effects of a small to medium sized DDoS without too many issues. I can't see it lasting 6 days without having locked down at least the major offenders though. In fact, most of the high end switching that is done at the L2 and L3 provider level should have taken care of most of it.
    In truth, that should have been resolved over the weekend at the very least. Most upstream providers will be more than happy to drop entire Class C's, or even countries if it means that the attack will stop or slow down.
    My take on this, get rid of them and go with someone else. 6 days is about 4.5 too many in my eyes.

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    Thanks everybody! I'm appreciating the feedback! Keep up the good work!

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    Pinnaclecart don't care

    Pinnaclecart don't care about their hosted websites.

    We have been down for 6 days now and sent many CRITICAL support tickets to them.

    They simply don't answer.

    Can it be more critical than a 6 day downtime of an ecommerce site?

    Be aware of hosting!

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    WE want to charge them with Criminal and Civil Matters under a joint Class Action Law Suite!

    Pretty cart, but the people running it have no business ethics!

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    The company is in the Better Business Beura,
    File a complaint against them and get the BBB involved.
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    Pinnacle Cart DDOS Attack

    Thanks, we just filed again with the BBB.
    For some reason our first claim went away.

    This so called attack, that happened to I saw for the first few days, but then I saw for 4 days, no traffic jam up, only a empty default plesk page that said DSP, and it loaded really fast. I have my doubts as to if this even was a DDOS attack because before that, our site was getting timeout errors.
    I would like to know from their data center how long it took the data center to fix this issue, or would at least like to see proof of it.

    They are going to shut down our website today against our will and before we can get our others carts to be working, even though we were helping them daily to fix yet another Pinnacle Cart problem.

    They damaged us with being down for all those days, then Tuesday tell us they will shut us off by the end of the week if we do not take back our complaints,
    the very next day, they shut us off. Then we showed that BBB expired, etc
    and they turned it back on, well again today, they plan to do more intentional damage by turning us off for good.

    We do not even have our client records, or anything because those
    export functions have not worked on Pinnacle Cart.

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    DDoS is the lowest form of attack I personally condemn people who do such things.

    You should consider getting a server thats DDoS Protected there are few in offer section.

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    Responsible network providers have DDOS mitigation hardware usually on the second layer. Always ask your hosting provider if they have such infrastructure in place if you're going to be hosting mission critical stuff. Like Procyon said, it can bring datacenters to their knees if they aren't well equipped.
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    John Lerner, please set up your account so that users can send you a private message, or send me a private message. I would like to further discuss a class action suit and share more information about our current dealings with Pinnacle Cart.

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    PinnacleCart.Com terrible company to deal with

    Hi, please email me about pinnacle cart to [email protected]

    Well, after being offline to 8 days, everything came back late Friday.

    Meanwhile their support was asking us to do different things to help test, etc.
    And we were cooperating completly. On Tuesday Sep 10th, 2007,
    Mike send us and Email saying that if we did not remove the BBB and Attorney General complaints, that he would shut down our website at the end of the week. He then went ahead and shut us off on Wends day anyway.
    Then we showed him the BBB had expired, etc, and he turned our website back on.
    Then said no matter what he would shut us down on Saturday, which he did.

    So Pinnacle Cart not only put us offline for 8 days, the 1 more day, and now 3 more days. So today's date is September 17th. 12 days out of 17 days in this month, Pinnacle Cart shut us completly off.

    The have gone out of their way to damage our company, which they did a great job of doing. They cannot get away with this act of sabotage.

    Pinnacle Cart is the most irresponsible Damaging Company I have ever seen.

    Ttyl, John.

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