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    Any news of the CMU for the RaQ550?

    Hy ...

    I'm getting totally frustrated by the way Sun talks about the release date of the CMU for the RaQ550...

    Cobalt promised to have the final version released by the beginning of July.

    Now we're almost the beginning of August and still no news.

    If you ask them on the supportforum, they tell you every time, and to every user, the same story:

    "Since there is a big difference between RaQ4 and RaQ550 the release of the final version will take a little longer"

    How long?

    They won't answer that question...

    Does someone knows the release date of the final CMU for the RaQ550?

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    I know, The bta copy is downloadable for a moth or two from Cobalt's FTP under the user Jeff

    Many problems are reported using that bta CMU...

    I really NEED the final version...

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