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    Awnership domain names history

    Hi friends !

    Do you know if there is any way to follow the history (who has been the owner) of a domain from its beginning (its set-up) ?

    I need this to help a friend that had a domain and suddenly he found it was owned by another person. He paid in time but to a reseller. We need the history in order to check if the reseller was paying the registrar in time.

    I have been trying to find a site in Internet that is keeping track of domain owners... but haven't been successful.

    I will appreciate a lot any help.

    All the best,

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    this does not contain definite proof, and some of the records are incomplete, but you may want to take a look at

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    (pretty sure it's the .org ext. )

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    .. it is
    neil MCITP, VCP

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    Thomson and Thomson maintain an historical archive of domain ownership for trademark purposes. I've not made an inquiry to them yet, but I suspect I will.

    They buy all the bulk whois databases from each registrar and compile these on a weekly basis from what I understand.

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