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Thread: php database

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    php database

    does anyone knows how to make a php database ?

    Needed is a simple database with the following
    admin controls to add
    Product reviews section...
    login password and set up user acconts to my editors.

    Or full web site database ....

    please email me the the following ? many years building php database
    2.web site samples
    3.and your going rate ( price)

    This is for a 2 million hits per month web site that needs to be updated.
    [email protected]

    The following person with best price and back ground will be contacted by email or phone

    thank you, Ivan

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    best price and back ground
    you get what you pay for
    Gokhan Arli
    Web Developer(RubyOnRails/MySQL/.NET)

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    Originally posted by sylow

    you get what you pay for
    He's wanting people to bid on the job. EVERYONE does that. At least he's looking at background too, and not just price.

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