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    ensim isn't allowing me to add/remove domains

    I had to restart my ensim server and when everything booted up again a domain popped up magically (

    after trying to delete it my partner would get this error...

    siteinfo - Disable service
    ( ERROR ):Failed to create generics database. Error 73.
    Standard out: []
    Standard Error: ['makemap: error opening type hash map /etc/mail/genericstable.db: Executable files not allowed ']

    Also, instead of the icons showing and what IP its using i get this...
    IP Unknown This site is currently being added.
    Configuration will be displayed when it has completed.

    We can't add or delete sites because of that, please help....

    We are currently using ensim webpliance 3.1.0-25, just about everything on the server is upto date

    Thanks in advance

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    Try the rackshack or ensim forums, I think you'd have better luck there!

    Sorry, but I am unable to help you with this!

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    when did this happen? how? did you delete a site and try to re-add it? give more specifics please

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