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    Post what i need...your bids please...

    Specifics can be worked out later...

    im just shopping around, looking for price quotes...

    -400GBish BW(give or take)
    -unlimited mySQL databases
    -IMPORTANT: daily tape backups of EVERYTHING
    -nice cpanel/plesk etc. software
    -nice box(nice processor, 512mb RAM, you know the drill)

    I will be needing something like this in the near future, so If I see offers that look appealing I will keep you in mind, right now im just browsing, trying to figure out my overhead.

    Also possibility of multiple servers in the future if things go as planned.

    HEADSURFER- I would probably go with rackshack if you could promise me daily tape backups of my HD/s...not sure if you guys would offer that though.

    Thankyou for your time,

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    sorry wasnt sure, if i could move it i would...guess we'll have to wait for the mods.
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