Greetings, my name is Ho-Fan and I will be a freshman attending UC Irvine beginning this fall as a major in computer science. I am looking for some work experience and I do not expect anything other than a chance to work on the internet for some extra dollars. Whether it be minimum wage or project based, I don't really care as long as there is a relatively continuous flow of income.

Before I bored you with my life story and expectances, let me get right down to my skills and abilities:

- 4 years in HTML coding, anything you show me, I can do.
- 1 year in PHP/Perl coding. I can do all the basics in php/perl scripting such as a login members panel, anti leech scripts, email forms, FLATFILE databases (I love them, although I will be learning MySQL later this year) and basically anything you can think of, except for scripts that modify other scripts..such as vbb addons/integrations and things like that.
- 4 years in graphics design. I don't use photoshop and make fancy graphics, the designs I make are more content-orientated, meaning the designs don't distract the user from the text.

Some examples of my work can be found at: - this is my hobby site, 100% created by me. - I created the splash page, forum layout, and php backend for the main site such as the search engine. - I programmed the php backend to this site, although they still have not begun to add content through it.

I can work as a designer, programmer, customer service rep, project manager, and just about anything else you have for me in terms of web development. So if you have any job offers for me, please email me at [email protected] or reply to this thread. Thanks.