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Thread: Free Software?

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    Free Software?

    Anyone know of good Control Panel and/or User Administration Program? I have a low/no budget and i need either a self installing one or someone to help me out. I'm kinda short on staff. I can give anyone that has the skills needed, adfree hosting and a share in the profits of the company. Sorry if im not "good" enough for the rest of you guys. I need a script writor that knows what he's doing and can write PHP, MySQL, Perl and Java. If you know a variation of these, tell me.

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    You may want to reword your post, I can't seem to understand what you need.

    If you need free/low cost control panel, search the forum archive. There were many discussions and links to the various free control panels.

    If you are looking for partners, post in the Related Offers and Requests forum. Besure to list what you expect to get from the partner and what you can afford to pay them.

    You can also post job offer in the Job forum to look for staff members.

    Hope my little introduction to helps.


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