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    What do you think?

    I'm not the best designer that was ever born but oh well. It's just a personal homepage that me and my friends write for and it's nothing professional. here's my site:

    any comments/suggestions?

    (be gentle)

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    I think the links on the side should do something when you move over them like lose their underline. (Do this with CSS)

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    Here are my suggestions:

    - Throw out the border on both the main & navigation table
    - Use different link colors (they appear red for me)
    - Use a font like Arial for the main text

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    As Synthetic suggested change the font style to Verdana, Arial, Tohoma, Helvetica or something similar to that. Your menu looks a little plain. If you used some mouseover graphics that would spice it up a bit. If you decide to use the text links, I prefer the likes aligned left instead of centered. I don't like the black background with the dark gray body. The combination makes the site very dark. I would also suggest you widen your table percentages to 85 - 90 or so. At 800x600 there is a lot of space. Even at 640x480 there is a lot of space. Even if it's just a personal page I would put your copyrights at the bottom.

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