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    Thumbs up Clicknet Solutions

    You hear a lot of negative reviews in here (and I've given them too) but I have to give credit where credit is due: I give a thumbs up to Clicknet Solutions. (

    Earlier this month my old server screwed me bad (Duploweb) and I made a request for hosting service here at this site. I was looking for a decent host at a great price - a bargain. I only needed 50megs with way under a gig of traffic per month, but with a bunch of good features like perl, php, multiple mySQL, and someother stuff I can't remember right now, all for under $50 / year. Many hosts replied and I ended up going with them (cautiously).

    First, it's only been a month but I have not seen my site offline which was the most important thing to me. Also, I've been a real pain to them by putting in about dozen support requests this month, ranging from a problem redirecting my old DNS info to adding additional perl mods. They always responded quickly to help me and that's why I'm writing this positive review for them.

    Thank you

    P.S. They do have other plans but I happened to go with the cheap one.

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    I am glad you found a place to call home. Hopefully everything will work out for you.
    Chris Miller
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    Everything looks so much better on the other side of Duploweb.
    Worst hosting experience ever.

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    I had the same experience as Fife Club. They were nice enough to customize my small account. The servers are relatively fast and reliable (Have not noticed any downtime for the last 4 months).
    Support is exellent. They quickly and patiently help me resolve many issues stemmed from my own inexperience. Having SSH (among other cool features) was very helpful

    PS: Here are some facts for the people who care about 1st/2nd... tier, business license, rating.... I think Clicknet's servers are being managed by I couldn't find Clicknet's business license in FL (that doesn't mean they are inreputable, though)

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