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    Worst Bike Crash Ever

    Let me just preface this by saying that I'm sorry for posting such an extremely unusual thread. I just had to tell someone about it.

    I recently got into moutain biking and have been doing some serious trail riding. Everything is usually fine and dandy and I don't try any crazy drops, jumps, etc. but yesterday I decided to do some riding with a friend who has an awesome bike and likes to ride fast. Anyways, were riding on this trail around dusk when he yells out "Holy Sh**" and I see him jump over this huge creek. His bike had a ton of travel so he ate the jump ok. My bike couldn't handle a stunt like that so I tried to stop. Unfortunately, my front tire caught a root and I flew over the handlebars into the creek headfirst.

    So now I'm thinking, that really hurt, but at least I seem to be conscious and alive. I stand up and assess the damage. That's when I realize something terrible has happened. My jeans have been ripped in the front down to the crotch and so have my boxers! Let me just say that there was nothing between my 'bojangles' and warm summer air

    To further complicate issues, I didnt have a belt and my pants were falling down as the button and the fly had been completely destroyed. I had to tear up my shirt to make a belt and ride gingerly back to my friend's car (which was at least a couple of miles away) while he was making fun of me. Thank goodness there were no small children or elderly couples out walking, or they would have been in for an unpleasant surprise
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    bojangles is a greg the bunny character ! or something...

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    I know what those kind of crashes are like.

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    You should go and have a talk with the cycling fool jeff .
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    that sounds like quite an incident. luckily the bojangles are all in one piece.

    How bad do you think you would have crashed if you took the jump?

    What kind of bike do you have?

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    I actually may have been better off if I would have attempted the jump. I landed in some sharp roots and got cut up pretty bad. Either way I was lucky I didn't break anything.

    I have a GT I-Drive 6.0 - not the greatest bike, but it serves its purpose for now. I'll have to upgrade it a bit before I'm happy with it. Fortunately, the only thing messed up on the bike was the right brake lever which was rotated around the handlebar about 90 degrees and can easily be fixed.
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    Yeah falling sucks, but wrecking a bike is even worse (at least for me)

    I have always believed that the quality of the bike doesn't really matter as long as you get out there and have fun. I say that becasue that is what my history of riding was. I went out every day after school on the bike I got for christmas and tried to keep up with my hardcore friends (they had fancy $1200+ bikes). I think getting and old bike and trying to keep up with the new bikes is the recipe to becoming a better rider.

    Anyway, after 4 years of trying to keep up i have finally bought a new bike. it sure makes riding a lot easier.

    If you are interested here are some pics of the same type of bike I have (click on "4 bikes")

    have fun riding

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